The Graphics and Music is A+, but everything else, is laughable. But, that's what makes Lair a guilty pleasure t

User Rating: 6 | Lair PS3
Guys, your in for a treat. This is one of these special games that comes once in a while. A game that is bad up to the point of blowing up, but the game is so bad, that's its actually great. Ladies and Gentlemen, i give you, Lair!

PROS: Outstanding Graphics. Outstanding Soundtrack. Fun Gameplay. You get to ride on a f**king DRAGON!

CONS: The story is shallow. The characters are shallow. The gameplay can get really repetitive. Six-Axis controls are horrible. Laughably Bad Voice-acting.

Lair, the game that closed down developer Factor 5, is just one of those games that has a lot of problems, but is just so fun to play, BECAUSE of those problems.

Lair is a beautiful game, the environments are awesome! It has a great style, wonderfully detailed, and just a pleasure to look. Along with its soundtrack, the soundtrack is superb. Giving you an epic blast of energy, eveytime you play.

The game is well known for its abysmal Six-Axis controls. It makes you wonder. "What dum-ass decided that this would be a great idea?" The sixaxis controls are broken. But thankfully, a patch was added in 2008, almost a year after its release, for a Analog Control. Which they should've went with in the first place.

The gameplay will get repetitive after a while, but its actually kinda fun to play. Expectually when you got the analog control on. And its actually kind of funny, because this game has a score-count. What for?! Its unnecessary, and pointless, because, this is a next gen. game. The great thing about this game is the fact that you get to Fly on a DRAGON! A f**king dragon! Bad-Ass!!

The game mainly revolves around the pursuits of Rohn, one of the Burners (dragon-riders) Sky Guards (the air force-based military). At first Rohn adopts the feeling of hatred towards the Mokai the Asylians have but over the course of the story begins to have more sympathy towards this misunderstood people. Sounds like an allright story, right? But its told incredibly poorly, in fact, its not even told very well. Its incredibly shallow.

The characters are also shallow, you will know little to nothing about the characters, even the main character, Rohn, is shallow, it's like, hes not even there. And he sounds like Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes. Maybe its voiced by him, who knows.

Speaking of voices, the voice-acting is laughably bad. You'll be chuckling all the way thru, because of how bad it is.

By the time the game is over, you'll be glad you play. Lair is so bad, that its good. Its a game that is fun to play, because of how laughably bad it is. The game is $9.99 at Gamestop. Go buy it, and see what you missed out on. Its fun to see how shallow it is, and how laughable it is.