One of the very few games that actually takes full advantage of the PS3 Sixaxis Ability, It's Most Certainly Underrated

User Rating: 8 | Lair PS3
People call this game a disaster, poor controls, terrible gameplay, I couldn't disagree more. L.A.I.R offers unique gameplay that actually USES the Sixaxis abilities of the PS3, I can't name 3 games that actually have their gameplay based on the underused PS3 Sixaxis.

8/10 Storyline, I really found this storyline an innovating and interesting experience, Cleaning up the skies and the seas of the enemy with your faction really draws you into the game, and well, riding throughout the skies on some cool dragons is always good.

10/10 Gameplay, I give this a maximum mark simply because it's a game that has actually made use of Sixaxis, Throughout the 4 years that I've been playing PS3 it's the only game I have that has Sixaxis as it's main gameplay control system. Also the attacking both on and off land is terrific, I love landing onto the ground, smashing the enemy canons and devouring their army and my Dragon rips them to shreads

9/10 Graphics, For an early 2008 release the graphics are outstanding, not many games actually have significantly better graphics than L.A.I.R

10/10 Challenge, I love the challenge on this game, the bosses are actually TOUGHER than Demon's Souls, it's the biggest challenge of a game I've had so far

General Summary: A Terrific Game, extremely underrated, the only thing I wish this game would have is a Multiplayer, The game also has a free DLC pack that gives you 3 extra dragons to ride on. A Must Buy Exclusive