dragons are the best

User Rating: 6 | Lair PS3
i dont understand why this game only gets a 4.5 the controls for it are great, we spend 2 hours just flyng around and shooting things u are a dragon rider in the game u fly this drgaon but no buttons u must tilt and flap the controler and turn the controler to move your dragon to were u want to go u are trying to fight these guys with ice drgons u have a fire dragon the game play is very easy i really grows on u if its very very basic find dragons kill dragons fly around the best thing about this game is the fighting the worst things is trying to kill some of these hard dragons, there should be more to this game but it doesnt even matter we bought it out of the ten dollar bucket its worth the ten dollars i dont think its worth much more then that but if u love dragons and u love flying a hole new way i would say buy it just for the point of dragins and fly witch rocks any ones sock ha stay frosty