Your Sixaxis will fly around the room as you try to cope with the crappy controls.

User Rating: 10 | Lair PS3
This is the reason I bought my PS3… brilliant, innovative games like Lair.

It's Ace.

Anyone who says it isn't is a big fat Liar… which is an anagram of Lair… good eh?

I especially love the way the when you fly over the battlefield all the troops are fighting each other in formation, because if they didn't they might bump into each other and then it would all look messy… lots of neat little lines of men, all fighting in line, all using exactly the same move… because that's how these battles would really happen.

So realistic.

Another awesome feature is the searchlights that beam into the sky… because, even though the battle is being fought with swords and shields, they have managed to develop electricity to power these search lights… and no ordinary search lights at that… rather than the light slowly dissipating as it gets further from it's source it's just a huge, brilliantly white, beam of light sticking up into the sky.

The developers have also done a great job of tailoring the game to work with the Sixaxis… which, we all know meant that Sony had to leave out rumble from the pads… I mean rumble and motion control just wouldn't work together in one pad… Sony said so… so it must be true… and I'm sure it has nothing to do with them being sued in the Courts for patent infringement with the old Dualshock pads… nothing to do with that, no sir, nothing to do with that at all.

While the developers have done a great job utilising the motion control, and it's spot on, it does cause my one, minor, criticism of the game… it plays like a dead fish… but apart from that… it's Ace!