Lair is a surprisingly fun and great game to own

User Rating: 9.5 | Lair PS3
I just pick up the game today and play for couple hours, I found the game is fun and great. First, the control isn't as hard as I thought it'd be, it is surprisingly easy for me. Second, the it has a decent story line. Third, the graphics are nice, background is beautiful. I enjoy it and I think it's decent game to have. After reading some of the negative feedback, I think people just unappreciated the game and the hard work behind it. If people saying they don't like the control, then I can tell you Wii is even worse(except Wii sports) Just think how you have to use remote control to play racing game or fighting game, It just silly. I can tell you this, I'm gald I pick up the Lair today and I enjoy every mintues playing it, I definitely not regret buying this game. You shouldn't be too.