Definately a game worth buying , and at least rent if you have no interest in flying games - it will change your mind

User Rating: 9.5 | Lair PS3
I have been involved in computers and games for a very long period of time. Have done programming and work with people that are Video game maniacs. This a game that a lot of those kind have been truly anticipating for a long time. A game that you feel almost not ready to play, you really have that anticipation that you used to get and the feeling in the gut. Wow! As a friend would say, "this is the most tech-tech-ch-no," he got so emotional with the game he began to stutter. It truly does change the genre back like the days of Rogue Sqaudron, which Factor Five did as well, where everyone was like wow you can do this - Awesome! Are the controls different - yes completly, in a magnificent way though. You need to know that if your knuckles are white while holding a controller you may have a problem, just maybe. The responses are inuitive and graceful, be precise and steady not everywhere and it will be all good. I think I dropped the controller twice in the first couple of hours because I refused to follow my own advice. What a laughing fit we had over me, especially the shaking part, ha ha. Know though the levels can be long and ardurous very much sometimes - however the gold and special medal are worth it.

My favorite if needing to be chose would be the soundscore, just magnificent. They actually did go to the San Francisco Zoo and did many recordings to get it all perfect, job accomplished. Take a min and appreciate it. Concert Hall really good idea as welll.

The graphics are something I do not need to address really - like duh, they ROCK. Can you say WATER , i swear it has its own AI

Enjoy the game and like the days of Golden eye get ready for some crazy replay value.