LAIR is Finally here with it’s Controversial and Innovative Controls

User Rating: 8 | Lair PS3
Finally I get my hands on LAIR. It’s been weeks of bad reviews after bad reviews from different gaming sites. I feel like people are so quick to break down a game because it has a different way of controlling a dragon. I think the way the controls were made up to compliment the game is great. If you’re into playing a flying game with motion control and like to try something different than check out LAIR for the PS3.

Not that this is out of the way let’s talk about the game itself. The story beginning as one world of ancient people lived together filled with happiness until one day volcanoes start erupting from the world. One world split up into two societies The Mokai and the Asylians. You’re part of the Asylians who are know for culturing and casting light where there is darkness. While the Mokai believe in science and technology and believe that god as sent these volcanoes to cast fear on the people as a punishment. So the Mokai are constantly causing chaos in your world because you have different beliefs. So this is where all the fun beginnings in the game. The Mokai attack your land and you’re trying to defend your land and you will be playing this game has a character name Rohen. The next categories of the game are my favorite. I know some people or gaming websites are not too happy with the controls. When I bought the game I knew what I was getting myself into when it came to the controls. So I say don’t judge the game by the controls until you try it. I did and I’m not disappointed. The starts you off with a tutorial on how to do ground attacks, air attacks, flying moves, controlling the dragon on air, and how to land and fly up. All these things are shown to you and are always available for you to try it out at any given time. I would suggest anyone that wants this game to put in there to on learning the controls so once you play the game it will all feel natural. Now onto the graphics, my God the graphics are great to look at. The cut scenes in this game make you feel like you’re looking at an actual Lord of the Ring movie. This has to be the best I’ve seen so far in next gen games maybe second to Gears of War. I will not be disappointed with the graphics in this game at all with it says it all. The sound is just as amazing as the graphics. The voice acting isn’t that great but who cares the graphics and sound affects make up for it. There is support for PSN for leaderboard for the game. There isn’t any multiplayer so this is a single player campaign only. If you’re looking for game that has flying dragons with innovative controls than look no further this is the perfect game for you to pick up. If you’re not to sure about the game I suggest you rent it and check it out for yourself. Don’t let the overall negative reviews of the game get you down. Try it out before you judge this game.