Almost good, but falls a little short of great.

User Rating: 8 | Lair PS3
Needless to say this game was actually quite good for the short period of time it takes to beat it.
The pros for Lair were actually pretty good for the most part. Graphics transitioned from cut-scene to in game rather well. The in game graphics were fairly clean and crisp, no colours flickering or bad transitions throughout the game. This included the load times, which were fairly short throughout.
The controls were fair easy to use once you got use to them. Although I'd say there's about a 30 min learning curve. All around this game was actually pretty good.

The cons for this are few, but still worth mentioning. Graphics, as fantastic as they were, had a slight habit of skipping when you were in some close combat situations. Overall they don't harm the game play itself and didn't happen very often, but it does become an annoyance when your killing another dragon and you have to wait for your game to catch up. Aside from that the only other graphical thing I noticed was changing screens from the end of a level to the score board for that round. The game itself would pause the last scene on the screen and very very very slowly fade to black. So not being aware of this would make you think something was wrong with you game. Don't worry, nothings wrong.
As for the controller setup isn't to bad, but the downside to it is that the analog sticks don't really have much use except to move the camera around. That sort of thing takes a little getting use to especially since all games rely on those. So there is a bit of a learning curve to it, but they do provide a training area to improve on those.
Now the overall story is actually really good. Some of the game play takes a lot of figuring out, giving you the mission but not what you're suppose to do to finish said mission. For the overall game it's something to give you a little bit of a challenge. The biggest downside to this game is the fact that it's really short. I mean the game consists of 15 levels total, takes between 8-12 hours to finish, there's no online play, and unfortunately the final boss is a volcano. The volcano's are part of the story, but they never explain how or why.

So in general the game is good, but not really worth the $60 price tag.