A very solid game

User Rating: 8 | Lady Sia GBA
Ok, this time we have Lady Sia, the story of a Princess that is fighting aginst beastmen, The Tsoas, that are attacking her continent. This game is very solid . I have to say that solid is the best word to describe this game.

The control is easy and simple,With this good control we can jump, use magic , grap platforms , sneak. and transform into a SASQUATCH.with no problems . The gameplay is classic ,you have your health that shows how sia is holding up. The lives that every time you lost all life you have to start again the game.We have too the prisoners that you have to free and the diamonds that you have to gather in every level.

This game has 4 worlds with 5 levels each one and including the extra level that you can play geting the perfect rank in all levels of the world.that make a total of 26 levels that is a good number of levels for this type of games.

The game has excellents graffics with colorful background and cartoon style. The characters and places ,are well made.The dialogue is pritty funny and will make you laugh . other thing that i have to say is that this game has a different and original type of main character, that is very simple and has a strong attitude. Lady Sia is charismatic girl that with will like.

The ''weak'' point of this game is the music and sound efects are awful.The music sometimes is annoying, Other thing is that the strory line is not ''deep'' it could be better . In conclusion, this is a game with a solid and gameplay and great graffics but with a weak sound effect. . I think that you will enjoy playing Lady sia that is a good game.