A unique style of game, backed by familiar Rockstar controls and revolutionary graphics.

User Rating: 9.5 | L.A. Noire X360
If you are looking for a GTA styled game where you can rampage I suggest you stop reading and go back to GTA IV, this is still very much a Rockstar game but this time we play as the good guys. Which is a refreshing change. If you have played GTA IV or Red Dead redemption you'll be pretty familiar to the control layout.

The story is deep and twisting, you have to pay attention if you are going to succeed in missions. You need to listen in the interviews pay attention to how they react to certain questions. To start with it is easy to see if someone is lieing normally shifty eyes or a nervous twitch will give them away. Later on this is harder to pick people up on these things, they certainly put there poker faces on. This is a delight in the game the facial expressions have be captured really well using state of the art methods. In fact you may recognize some people from TV shows, if you where a fan of Heroes, the man who played 'Matt Parkman' is a suspect in one level. Cases have twists in them at one point you may think hey this guys defiantly did it, but new evidence can make you doubt this or wonder which one of two people did it. It can be hard at times making the right call. Searching crime scenes is good fun, some are simple and some not so, things can be hidden well. At times things will be found already and you just need to have a look other times you have to look for clues even things you weren't expecting to be finding. Finding well hidden items makes you feel like an ace detective.

Cole Phelps the main character through out the game. In my opinion he his a very odd one, at times he can be normal sounding guy, but he has strange facial expression always looking like he is about to cry. He is also quite stuck up and hostile at times. During interviews he can have wild personalty swings most the times he is quite reserved but then other times he's threatening or shouting which don't seem to come in smoothly in the conservation. Phelps also does some odd things in some cut scenes, he is far from my favorite protagonist. Most the time he seems like a normal guy but there is something odd about the man which does put me off his character.

Shoot out and car cashes are very fun. One foot chasing start off as good fun but after a while running down a street sometimes several times a case the novelty wears off. Long drives can feel boring, character soon stop chatting and the radio is fine for jazz lovers. But LA does look great to drive through and it does feel good to drive but after a while you've seen the sights you've drive the car. Eventually you'll be giving all the driving to your partner to do though this can result in missing some side missions.

The city does look good, but outside investigation location it is pretty much just a pretty picture, the city does feel very much alive but in free roam mode it feels a little point less, you can go round and find collectibles, find all the cars and do the side missions you've done before or missed.

The story missions are the strength and bulk of the game what is great, this is a game for those that love a good story. It is a brilliant game although I did say parts get boring that is down to the player, the game is far from repetitive each case wants you to keep digging. The game is enjoyable challenging at time and will make you think. The city isn't all sun shine and smiles there are some very dark and gritty secrets. If you enjoy the game I highly suggest you purchase the season pass, great value and gives the game that extra life span. These DLC are on the highest standard I've seen on any other games DLC missions are long and enthralling, it's not a quick money grab like some developers release. If you are a fan of Rockstar, good stories and you want a game that is something different to the average, I highly recommend this game.