Amazing game, but needs some work

User Rating: 7.5 | L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition PC
Honestly, I think the world and the concept of L.A. Noire is spot on. It's amazing to see a sort of puzzle-solving, detective-work type game in today's age of gaming. HOWEVER, interviewing the suspects and witnesses is just downright stupid. Either they're terrible at lying, or it's impossible without reading a walkthrough. Plus, if you mess up a question, you can't repeat from shortly before the interview... you have to start the ENTIRE investigation over. And responding to the street crimes will be reset as well. It is EXTREMELY aggravating.

I really wish there was a more logical way to call people out for lying or telling the truth, but in the game's current state, it's not fun. It's just annoying. Please work on this for any future games in this series, Rockstar. If you think you can tell clear as day if someone's lying or not, then by all means get this game. It's still worth a buy.