Another classic from Rockstar North!!

User Rating: 9 | L.A. Noire PS3
I had my hopes high for LA when I first heard about it and I am pleased to say that once again they have outdone what I expected. They never cease to amaze. But we are not controlling a drug dealing thug running around shooting people this time around. Now we are on the other team. U control Cole Phelps, am up and coming beat cop who just got back from combat in WWII. He is trying to make a name for his self and u get to watch as he progresses from beat cop to homicide/vice/arson detective. And he has his job cut out for him in the crime filled streets of Los Angeles. LA is huge and they did a great job in creating a huge city with all kinds of landmarks and secrets hidden everywhere. As u go thru the game u will need to find evidence to solve crimes. Lack of evidence could lead u to make a false arrest or delay u from getting the bad guy. U must interrogate suspects and witnesses. This is the new and very tricky part. As u ask ur suspect questions u must pay close attention to their facial expressions to determine whether or not they are telling the truth or not. Some are much harder than others and trust me u are gonna get some wrong. U have 3 options to choose from after each question. Truth, Doubt and Lie. If u think they are lying but lack evidence to prove ur theory u wanna choose doubt and lie if u got evidence to throw in their face. Its amazing how real this game looks. From the expressions on peoples faces to the smoke coming from one smoking a cigarette its beautiful. Top of the line graphics. U also have a vast array of old school vehicles to choose from. The story is quite long and there are plenty of goodies to find and side missions. However, since u ARE a cop, u can no longer go around popping caps in civilians. In fact, the only time u can even use a gun is if u are in a gunfight with a criminal. Kinda sucks but hey U ARE A COP. Running over civilians will affect ur overall score for that particular case ur working on. This is a new window that Rockstar has opened that I hope others will learn from. Very fun and addictive. I recommend to any fan of Rockstar North which should be everyone. Congrats to Rockstar North for yet another classic!!!