LA Noire PS3 Introduces a new standard in gaming

User Rating: 10 | L.A. Noire PS3
Rockstar fans prepared to be amazed. Many know that Rockstar are known in their reputation to produce high quality games that appeal to older ages, and that often become addictive upon the first glimpse. Their recent title, LA Noire proves that and much more. Not only does the level of detail amaze you from the start, the realism of interrogating criminals lifts it to an even more unprecedented level. After 7 years in the making you can see why Rockstar were excited about releasing this title, and their focusses on it after it hits retail. From seeing the old fashioned LA, to the quirky lines of wording from Cole Phelps, the game soon gets you hooked. Following in the lines from the famous Dalhia Murders of the 40's, you can't help but begin to try and workout out the plot from the clues yourself. With an Authentic look and feel, the game makes you appear frustrated at the mere thought of not getting a line from a person in question.

To add to the realism Cole even has a unique selection of famous suits from the 40's that you unlock as you complete the game. Starting his career as a street officer, Phelps, soon works his way to the Traffic, Homicide, Vice and Arson desk. As crimes are solved you will be given details of how you could have completed it quicker, which often makes you feel like an officer thats having a bad day. Nevertheless, you always can look forward to that sense of achievement, that the man you need put away is behind bars - finally!!!!.

In my opinion I believe Rockstar have high hopes for this titles future. All we can do is wait.