Detectives, mafias, and the L.A.P.D. L.A. Noire prooves that it's own unique gameplay can satisfy you to suspense.

User Rating: 9 | L.A. Noire PS3
Out of all my years of playing video games, I have never experienced games with such an incredible story, and unique character development. Without a doubt, I have loved video games due to the fact that they are like a virtual storybook, you interact with the characters, the environment and without a doubt, I look into quality work that's always been either well known or severely under rated due to popular franchise such as: "Call Of Duty," "Street Fighter" or "Assassins Creed" due to the fact those three franchises are mainstream and then continue with something like : So you're asking yourself: "Why is he posting his feeling about different games that do not affect with what I am talking about?" well, L.A. Noire pretty much covers with what I mention above when I am looking for in a video game; the characters, the environment, the memorable composition scores etc.

"Friends, who want to stay friends, don't discuss religion or politics. In my case, you can add the war to that."
―Cole Phelps, in case "Warrants Outstanding"

The presentation opens up in 1947 Los Angeles, introducing an overview of the lifestyle in 1940's Los Angeles. Later in the opening of the game, we see an officer leaving his wife and kids then later we realize that the patrolman is the central character known as Cole Phelps. Cole Phelps is a veteran who recently returned from World War II, and wants to start something fresh, so he joined the L.A.P.D. (Los Angeles Police Department) so that he can fight on the side of justice and that he rise up the ranks like he did during the 2nd World War. With an impressive opening, and great jazz themed soundtrack, we already know we are going to get the culture and customs of 1940's Los Angeles. We all love an impressive presentation but getting into detail of gameplay is all that matters to so some people and that's the next big pointer in this game.

Throughout the game, it's different far beyond from what it is much different than what you would expect to play. The game is pretty much an objective, you investigate the crime scene looking into the clues in the area, while searching the area, you will also interrogate P.O.I. (Person of Interest) to get down and break down the case, your decision is to find out if the person responding to the question is either "Truth," "Doubt," or "Lie," doing this will either get you to the culprit more quickly or you will have to do the extra mile when finding out what the verdict is.

Now being a detective doesn't always mean being a person to interrogate people and looking through clues right? Well, in this game you do shootouts, along with actual chasing and car chasing scenes which increases the thrills and chills of the dark life in 1940's Los Angeles. The gameplay controls feels very satisfying, very responsive, and the shots fired from a shotgun give a level of depth in how much recoil you would take when shooting a shotgun, in my opinion, details in a game connecting to reality circumstances very intriguing. With all this it sounds like a perfect crime thriller right? Every masterpiece has good things, but always has some kind of flaw in it preventing the game being perfect. Some parts of the game have a few visual hiccups that cause it to ruin the atmosphere, but these are very minor issues and do not show very often in the game. Another complaint is that when you arrest the culprit, you cannot see them actually getting prosecuted and seeing weather or not you did a well job by the District Attorney, it's simply a suggestion I would have loved the game even more.

So, the verdict, well, we finally reached the last part of the review. Seeing if this game is worth the purchase; if you are looking for originality along with uniqueness, a thriller, and grueling crime scenes, what couldn't possibly stop you from making this purchase? Of course, well too my opinion the gameplay, atmosphere has been demonstrated and performed an outstanding job when it comes to the scenery and culture of 1940s. To me, L.A. Noire deserves a good reputation and stands out to meet its promises to be a satisfying experience.