A one of a kind game that rewards your for your consistency, cunning and keenness, as well as Intuition.

User Rating: 9 | L.A. Noire PS3
I absolutely love this game. The detail is absolutely rich and mesmerizing, and the graphics are some of the best I've every seen. Besides the facial motion capture technology, the lighting and textures are top notch, and Rockstar managed to top the beautiful visuals in Red Dead Redemption.

But besides the beauty of the game, the gameplay is the draw here, and it is gripping to say the least. The game progresses case by case, and your job is to interrogate suspects, interview witnesses, gather clues to help solve murders. And what horrible murders to solve! This game is gruesome, and disturbing at times. As you question people, it's up to you to decide whether or not one is telling the truth or lying. And sometimes, you're given a half truth, or someone beats around the bush, and you must choose to doubt them, hoping to uncover more evidence. All in all, the case will get solved, even if you fail to get closer to the truth, your success during your interrogations will only make the job easier. Even if you fail to gather all the clues, and ask the right questions, you will still solve the case. It will probably just take longer, or result in a lecture from your superior officers. If you succeed in solving the case quickly, your captain will praise you!

Too bad the punishment is absent from the game. Failure is not a big deal, the story just moves on, and this is what disappointed me somewhat, but the experience is still unforgettable. A truly unique game that should be played by anyone who enjoys a cinematic, free roaming game that is epic in every way!


The voice acting is the best ever, this game should win some game of the year awards for it.