L.A. Noire was a much needed re-route for Rockstar. Slow-paced methodical, yet intensely fun detective game!

User Rating: 8.5 | L.A. Noire PS3
L.A. Noire is set in Los Angeles in the 1940's. From the people I know whom can speak from experience, they did an absolutely amazing job displaying the city structure for the given time.

This game is a very distant cousin of the GTA series. It still has Rockstar quality, yet is the opposite in many ways. This slow paced thinker is a nice break from say, Call of Duty action.

The difficulty of the game is lacking, and it certainly gets repetitive at times; but all in all, it is a fantastic game. This game has broken new ground for detective games, but being in a young genre could certainly use another round.

If you ask me, this will be a rapidly growing genre for some time to come. The market is hot for detective games, and the newly found obsession with forensics will only further the possibilities!