LA Noire may not be for all people but it is a masterpiece and rebirths a genre long gone with the best way.

User Rating: 9 | L.A. Noire PS3
The first thing you understand when you see the game is the difficulty it will have in exploring areas, make questions to characters and finding the truth. As a crime investigation game LA Noire will have you question characters carefully and watch their every move if they lie. That system works perfectly. Especially with the new technology Rockstar added to this game that gives outstanding detail to the faces of the people that you interrogate. But as the interrogations continues the game will demand more and more attention to detail from you as to understand if the person tells truth or lies. That will make some people give up but for those that are fans of this genre they will be at their home. The other thing that really liked on this game is the soundtrack. The game has authentic songs of that era and they have really done a great job. The story is another well worked section of the game. Rockstar has made a deeply moving story with characters that have great detail and make you care about them. In the story it also helps the voice acting which make the characters even more believable along with the detailed world of LA in the 50's. But here comes one of the two flaws of the game. The world is very believable and has great detail but there isn't much you can do. The game just jumps weeks or months sometimes and there is neither time nor the feel of exploration. The last section of the game is the action. In my opinion Rockstar made the action scenes just to make more to people to buy the game. These sequences are missing something and not needed. In conclusion LA Noire is a
awesome game that rebirths a whole genre just right even if it is not for all people to enjoy.