Rockstar does not miss!

User Rating: 8 | L.A. Noire PS4
Many people say that Rockstar only has GTA, who says it should never have played games like Red Dead Redemption, Manhunt, Bully and LA Noire, Rockstar is undoubtedly one of the best developers of all time, LA Noire is an open world game , but very different from the other games of Rockstar, now we control a police officer that in the game goes through several promotions, and the game is different from the others because we investigate crimes in the game, and are very good, we have to interrogate suspects, asking questions and also seeing the expressions of the suspect, the facial expressions of LA Noire are excellent, it is so well made that it seems that the body is drawing and the head is real, sometimes it is even strange the visual of the characters, since the face is very different of the rest of the body, the atmosphere is excellent, it is very well portrayed the time that the game goes, the cars, the houses and the clothes, the soundtrack is great, and the gameplay is medium, it works to investigate, but at the time of the combat that happens sometimes the aim is light and the gameplay in the car is also a bit heavy, not good like the GTA, the game is also open world, but honestly it should not have been because it is a map very empty, and bland. something that is very unusual in the games of Rockstar, since she was always good at mapping full of things to do, the characters are very good, highlight the protagonist Cole Phelps, is without doubt one of the best characters of Rockstar, next John Marston, Niko, Trevor and CJ, his story is well developed in the progress of the game, the game sometimes gets boring, it is not a game that will hardly get you hooked because it does not have the freedom of GTA or Red Dead Redemption , you can not go out killing people, and if you run over the pedestrians or hit a post or you will lose points in the game, then the game is only to do missions, and that one hour gets tiresome and makes you think that game would be even better if it was not open world, but LA Noire is a very good game, and shows that Rockstar is not just GTA. Note 86