Kung Fu Chaos Cheats For Xbox

  1. Unlockables

    Unlockable Unlockable
    In order to earn alternate costumes for the inital characters, beat a boss character with that same character. For Candi Roll and Captain Won Ton, compete thier miniseries. Alternate Costumes
    Beat ''Close Encounters of the Worst Kind'' with three stars to unlock Candi Roll. Candi Roll
    Beat ''Everyone's a Critic'' with at least 4 stars. Captain Wonton
    To get Shao Ting you must ko him with five stars Shao Ting

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  2. Codes to unlock everything

    All cheats need to be entered at the Main Menu screen.
    For every cheat, you will need to keep the left analog stick depressed (pushed down, not pulling the stick down towards you) the entire time you are inputting the cheat code.
    Each cheat code is spelled out (e.g. BADBABY for unlocking costumes), and each letter corresponds to a button on the controller. Here's how it breaks down:
    A = the A button
    B = the B button
    X = the X button
    Y = the Y button
    W = the White button
    U = up on the Directional Pad
    L = left on the Directional Pad
    D = down on the Directional Pad
    R = right on the Directional Pad
    S = the Start button

    Effect Effect
    SALADDAYS any level you enter will be shown in the style of a 1920's movie
    BUDDY play ninja challenge in co-op. You must only connect one pad to port 1 and the other in port 4 for this to work
    BLARBDRAWL Unlocks all available character bios
    BADBABY Unlocks all available costumes for all currently unlocked characters
    LADYRADAR Unlocks all available levels
    BAWDYBALLAD Unlocks all characters
    BAYSAWAY Unlocks all Island Scenes, giving you a peek into the future of your character after completing the game
    LADYSDAY Unlocks Candi Roll character
    LARDYBUD Unlocks Captain Won character
    LUXURYLARD Unlocks every permanent cheat in the game
    ALLBRAWL Unlocks everything that requires four stars
    WALRUSBALDY Unlocks Shao Ting, the rascal director character
    SLAYDAY Unlocks the Championship mode
    SLYSUBURB Unlocks the Miniseries mode

    Contributed by: dangermoose, Quentonamos 

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