Krater isn´t the best game around but delivers some satisfaction for those who like the genre.

User Rating: 7 | Krater PC
Krater is a dungeon crawler, similar to the mechanics of Diablo, Torchlight, (Of course they aren´t the same), but still the things that you do in these games are similar, (Explore the world, Kill monsters, Level Up), So...the necessary to the game be called a Dungeon Crawler and a Hack and Slash game.

In Krater you start with three characters, you have a Melee Fighter Character, a Ranged Fighter Character and a Medic Character, and later you have the option to have a Rogue Type Character. Like Diablo and Torchlight you can create a Character, and level up like you want (having several abilities, evolving stats, etc…). This is one of the points where Krater fails to deliver to the gamer, because each character you control only has two abilities, sometimes differing of others, but still this is where Krater could deliver more to the player, but you can evolve each abilities with perk´s and boost each character with different boosts (like more stamina, more focus, etc…).

About the exploration mode in Krater, it´s not that complicated you begin in a Small Town, and you begin to explore more places along doing and complete more quests, it´s just that simple.

The battle mode in Krater, it´s not perfect but it isn´t horrible, the problem is, because of having only two abilities for each character, in battle you are constantly spamming always the same abilities, so at some point the battles become a little boring because it´s always the same thing.

Overall, Krater isn´t the perfect game as we see it, still we are talking about an Indie game, made by an Independent company named Fatshark with a small budget, we aren´t talking about Blizzard, Electronic Arts, Square Enix, we are talking about a Indie Company that made a game as they could, like they wanted in their way in a world with a great competition in the gaming market, so I think this game deserves some credit rather being treated like trash, therefrom giving a score of 7.0.