Konami Krazy Racers is owns up to the name of Mario Kart Klone, in a way thats actually pretty fun.

User Rating: 8 | Konami Wai Wai Racing Advance GBA
Konami Krazy Racers is in fact a Mario Kart clone. Only because Mario Kart was there first, and there arent many changes to the formula.

In Konami Krazy Racers you take the role of a series of characters. These include Goemon, Takosuke, Dracula, Cyborg Ninja, Pastel, Pawapuro-kun, Moai, Nyami and a few other secret characters. So like any Mario Kart game, you'll be driving in your little go-kart innocently enough going around the tracks and avoiding minor obstacles. Rightt...
while this sounds easy, you'll actually be being shot by other racers with a series of weapons and items. The gameplay is simple enough. A for acceleration, B for break. L and R act as a little hop, and firing whatever item you have at our disposal. If you've played Mario Kart before, you should know this, and the game shouldnt be too much trouble for you. You'll win a few races, lose a few, but everythings fine.

However, unlike Mario Kart, you'll not only be racing on Grand Prix's, you'll have to beat a few challenges along the way. Like a mano e mano match, or a time attack on a certain course.

Another thing that this game has that Mario Kart doesnt, is the coins you pick up on the tracks. You actually use this money for buying items which can use more than once. This gives you a somewhat advantage when your racing against harder enemies throughout the challenges and different cups.

The game handles out pretty well. It makes good use of sprite characters and doesnt tend to glitch or slow down when theres a lot of things happening on screen. The sound effects are really cartoony. Which is a good thing. Anything else they might have put for sound just wouldnt have sounded right.

The challenging challenges and the increasingly difficult cups will definetly give pro kart racers a run for their money, but all in all, this game is a great substitution for Mario Kart.