Oh my god, retro heaven, i can't put this one down. Excellent compilation

User Rating: 8.8 | Konami Classics Series: Arcade Hits DS
As complications go this is by far the best ive played, excellent presentation, lots of options inc' cheats, screen size and position, multiplayer WI-FI mode. Since playing this ive tried them all and they are all faithful to the originals and all come with their own options and instructions and tips. There are 15, yes 15 arcade games here many i had on home computers in the 1980's (i'm 27). It had been years since i had played the likes of Time-pilot, Nemesis or Yi-ar-kung-fu, but the best one after contra is Track and field, yes this arcade classic now in the palm of your hand, and my poor DS's buttons have took one hell of a beating the last week, i really am addictive to this one and even after completing it you want to go back and beat your score.. It really doesn't matter if you have played them before, as 15 games and multiplayer via one game cart is a bargain. So do yourself a favour and get this one as soon as you can.