Kona - A new atmospheric / mystery resolver game

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I will start posting the first topic about this game. Kona is made by Parabole, and it is also their first game releasing in the video gaming industry. So far the game is early access, and you can see they are trying and giving their best to release this game in the perfect state! They are trying to release it after they pushed the release date from September to (and I quote): " For now, we can tell that it’s no later than Q1 2017 ". I managed to get the game which is only 10 euro on steam at the moment. I started playing, and I was impressed by the story and the feeling this game gives to you. It's a survival/exploring style but not dedicated to survival but more committed to resolving the mystery in the town you are, and that is everybody is missing. I recommend this game especially for the price they are giving it for, here is an early access walkthrough made by me, you can watch it and tell me what do you think of this game?