KOF Sky Stage Cheats For Xbox 360

  1. Fight hidden boss

    To fight the hidden boss at the end of stage 3, you must finish the stage without dying and then finish the original boss at the end of the stage off with either a special move or a bomb. After the point total is tallied for the stage a new boss will appear.

    Contributed by: PurestProdigy 

  2. Achievements

    Achievement Achievement
    Complete 300 Combos in 1 stage! (1Player Game) 300 Combos
    Clear Stage 5! (1Player Game) Countdown to Destruction
    Taunt 30+ Times in 1 Play! (1Player Game, No Continues) Crimson World
    Clear through Stage 5 without Using the Bomb! (1Player Game) Don't Use the Bomb!!
    Obliterate the Final Boss! (1Player Game) Final Stage
    Try It Out! KOF Into the Sky
    Clear Stage 1! (1Player Game) Prove Your Ability
    Clear Stage 4! (1Player Game) Resurrection
    Clear Stage 3! (1Player Game) Separate Fates
    Clear Stage 2! (1Player Game) The Edge of Truth
    Get 50 Gold Medals in 1 stage! (1Player Game) The Temptation of the Gold Medal
    Obliterate the Intruding Boss! (1Player Game) Turning the Tables!

    Contributed by: Guard Master 

  3. Unlock second loop

    To unlock the second loop you must collect envelopes dropped by various King of Fighters characters in the five stages of the game. The first four can be collected during any playthrough and as long as you've done this, you can get the final one using stage select. When you go to collect the fifth envelope, you must finish the entire stage and boss without dying. After this is accomplished you will play through all the stages again on a harder difficulty and there will be an alternate final boss after the boss of the fifth stage is complete.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Collect all 5 envelopes and finish the 5th stage with the envelope without dying. Second loop

    Contributed by: PurestProdigy