Review: Kights of the Temple 2 *RARE* - *1 in 1,750* - ARE EVER THIS GOOD*

User Rating: 9.3 | Knights of the Temple II XBOX
This game is awesome! Anyone complaining about not being able to find a game to play since Morrowind as half as addicting will be more than happy. Rent it Buy It. It shouldn't matter the cost - anything under 50 bucks is well worth it (that coming from a guy that wouldn't pay more than $10 for a junk game retailing at $50). The fighting is thrice better than Lord Of The Rings series, the adventure is equally puzzling as Azurik Rise Of Plethera, the graphics are sharper than Enclave, and the mood felt is unlike any game I have ever played. Having come this close to playing... I wish to give you no doubt that Knights of the Temple II will satisfy your heart felt curiosity, and for you to be rest assured that it will enlighten your gaming spirit once again.