Dated graphics, godawful camera movement and controls

User Rating: 2.5 | Knights of the Temple II PC
The concept of Knights of the Temple II is intriguing and has some potential. Unfortunately, the execution of the game is terrible. I've never been more frustrated with a game's controls than I was with KotT II. After just a few minutes of the tutorial, I wanted to yank the DVD out of my computer and break it up into tiny pieces. The worst part is the camera, which attempts to follow an over-the-shoulder view, but is sluggish and frequently ends up pointing in the wrong direction. You can control the camera with the mouse, but that's often even more frustrating than not attempting to control it at all. I remapped many of the key bindings to make it more like the typical mouse-keyboard combinations most games use, but that wasn't much of an improvement.

The graphics are straight out of the '90s, but I'm willing to forgive subpar visuals if the gameplay makes up for it. In this case, I can't say much for the gameplay because I found the camera and controls so frustrating that I didn't bother to play it after the first punishing ten minutes I spent in the tutorial and then playing the game itself.

I spent $19 on this at CompUSA, discounted as the stores tries to empty its shelves, and I feel like that was a little too much. If it hit the bargain bin at $9, I probably wouldn't feel so bad about having spent any money on it, but at $19, I would've been better off grabbing something else.