Not very bad but could be a lot of better.

User Rating: 6 | Knights of the Temple II PC
This is the second game in this series and authors of it should stop creating such disastrous product.

You take the role of a medieval knight in this game. Your objective is to prevent evil from entering the earth. So, as you see, the storyline is plain and sickened. But this part of a game could be offset by good graphic, nice game-play and interesting characters, but creators of this game failed to do that.

Graphic of this game looks childish and a little bit stupid, there also are a lot of bugs which can kill your character. The work of camera is stupid, sometimes you just can't see your knight. The audio part of this game is a lot of better than video part. There are some beautiful melodies in the soundtrack of this game and fighting scenes sounds well too.

Only one interesting part of this game is fighting system which is really fun and enjoyable. After killing your enemies or doing some quests you get experience points which can be transformed into some abilities or new
fighting moves. It look a little bit like RPG but it lacks of depth in order to call this game real RPG.

There are three big cities in this game. You should find an artifact in each of it. These artifacts are used to open a gate into a Hell where you should stop Evil from entering the Earth. Environment of those cities are very small and there are not much to see and explore. Citizens can offer you some side quests, which can make your game a little bit more interesting, but there too little of such quests and all game lacks of variety. There also are some different type weapons and armory, but it aso lacks of variety.

For conclusion, I want to say that this game is not total crap, but it lacks of variety, better graphic interface and there also are a lot of bugs. It looks like authors of this game were hurrying to publish it as fast as possible and did not pay enough attention to its quality.