Challenging Fun

User Rating: 8.2 | Knights of Honor PC
Firstly I would like to say this is not a game for everyone, especially if you are not a fan of micro management or 2D graphics. For those of you who appreciate hand painted computer rendered 2D art and the ability to micro manage A LOT then you will love this game. The art work is for me the best part; I love games that show of artistic skill. The game play is also very fun (Again for those who like this stuff) especially the ability to use your family members as General, spies, merchants, magistrates or if you wish just marry them of to create a peace treaty or alliance with another country. The battles are mediocre, most of the time I would find myself just singeing territory and eventually when a battle was inevitable I would allow the auto battle to do the rest. Probably the only time I would play out the battle myself is if I found myself outnumbered. As a final note I would like to make it clear that this game is very long and can be very hard. With several different countries to choose from and more than a few different victory conditions available you may find yourself overwhelmed so be forewarned this game is time consuming and at times frustrating.