This game is awesome! One of the best games I've played to date. I've been looking for this type of RTS for ever.

User Rating: 10 | Knights of Honor PC
Knights of Honor is one of the best Real Time Strategy games I come across. The political side of the game is great, and the setup is awesome. I've been looking for this type of game my whole life. I've played a lot of games, but this one takes the cake! The soldiers are taken from real Middle Age troops such as the Templars, Saracens, and the Vikings. The number of countries you can be is mind numbing. You can be England, Germany, Norway, Scotland, France, Aragon, Hungry, Bohemia, Genoa, Italins,etc. I would recommend this game to anyone. This game has a lot of good qualities, and almost no bad ones. It took me a while to find this game, but I found it at Ebay. I was so happy. If your thinking of getting this game. Just go to Ebay and try to find it. Or you could go to and get it there.