Good game which got ruined by bad AI.

User Rating: 6 | Knights of Honor PC
Like I said. It has bad AI. Whenever i start game and make some trade agreements and start to trade with them someone of my closest neighbours declare war. Why? I don't know how is that logical since i sent them gold to improve relationship and we traded too. Ok, one enemy is not big deal. Then again your other neighbour who happens to had trade agreement with you, attacks you. I don't see logic in that. So as you go further into your development for better troops your neighbours start to declare war. I have checked the relationship between them all and they weren't too friendly toward each other. So why me? Whats else big problem is that everything is real time so its hard to have more than 3 cities to control at same time defending them from enemies. Eventually they'll all come together and take your cities. Not to mention last city i defended from 20 generals in few minutes. What annoys me is that how the hell did they get all those generals? Then they just stand there in lines to attack my town while i defeat them one by one. So they send 2 generals at my town i defeat them then all the suddenly 2 more and it keeps going over and over. 3 factions attack me at same time, here comes the 4th. Last one surprised me since i wasn't really close to them and was pretty neutral towards them. The rest of game is well done. Graphics aren't something special, but are pleasing to the eye. Diplomacy is well made too, but sometimes doesn't work pretty well. Fighting is something you let computer to resolve. Whole game is well made, but AI sucks out the fun part.

Conclusion: If you are ready to go deep in to this game prepare for some unfair AI moves.