Prepare to don armour, sharpen weapons and engage brain cells in this enjoyable strategy/rts game.

User Rating: 8.2 | Knights of Honor PC
Like many gamers I have been searching for the ultimate game that can transverse the two genres of strategy and RTS. Whilst Knights of Honor is not the ultimate game, it does a very good job, especially on the strategy side. Good points:- The diplomacy is outstanding, and even with a weak country, good diplomacy can keep you in the game until you have amassed a good enough army to take on some of your weaker rivals. Espionage is also very clever and can at times cripple your empire if an enemy manages to infiltrate your ranks. Enemy/your spies are capable of becoming army generals, a nations building manager, a nations trader or head of the church. I was always suspicious of hiring new employees, but it is impossible to win the game without them, unless you are extremely lucky and your royal household has a massive male population. So far this has never happened to me and if disaster strikes and you have no heirs a spy could then even become your King. I really enjoyed the suspense this added. The strategic map, in my opinion, is about the best I have seen. Better than the total war series. Although it does not have the detail of that series it is far easier to manage the movement of your armies, assess a town/cities defensive capability, and view your counties resources. The graphics are more than acceptable. The collection of resources and army development is very effective, which means you spend very little time micro managing so you can concentrate on troop deployment, espionage and diplomacy. And there is enough there to insure you have to make clever and astute decisions in order to make your nations economy run smoothly. Bad Points:- The RTS side. I used this hardly ever, a basic 2D map which I did not enjoy, and it was not fun to use like Lords of the realm 2. Overall a good game 40+ hours of enjoyable entertainment more towards strategic play than rts.