Great for fans of the medieval era, RTS, or Paradox fands, doesnt disappoint!

User Rating: 9 | Knights of Honor PC
Me and Knights of Honor have an interesting relationship, while it was released in early may, Eb games actually wouldnt send it too me and I resorted to buying it from gamespot, but it was well worth the wait! The game is a solid rts sim that has a feel of Crusader Kings mixed with Medieval: Total War, and if you enjoyed either of those games this one should really appeal too you. It is not a flawless game, to big points that came out at me was the total sandbox way the map works (Ireland has seemed to destroy England on both campaigns I played) and the AI isnt amazingly great, but they get the job done. More on the AI, while they dont always seem to be able to compete, its mostly because I did pick the Ottomans, then the Byzantines. This Basically means that I had way to many advanced troops, so If you are someone like, say Ireland, or Moldavia, it would be harder. The Graphics are pretty stylish, and while they dont make my computer churn, they are very nice, my only problem with them is the resoultion is suck lower than my LCD min setting so that can be somewhat annoying, but I deal with it. One other small plus Is that it has a great musical and voice acting score, really gets one in the mood. In the end though, any History buff of this period should definitely pick this game up, or if you are just looking for another Empire builder and were totally disappointed with recent hollow ones, like Imperial Glory. This one is worth the wait, and if you want to get a little flavor, just try the demo, its what sold me and is a pretty good representation.