A great blend of gameplay and strategic management!

User Rating: 9 | Knights of Honor PC
Unlike many games out there, of this particular genre, you are able to download a demo in a try-before-you-buy style arrangement... but beware! Once you play the demo you will be absolutely hooked! The learning curve of the game is very, very small. Within half an hour you will have mastered the essentials to play the game and the long-term learning is rewarding. There is much to this game that is learned through your first campaign (as i am doing now with Normandy) for example, the ability to unite provinces, to form new kingdoms/nations. There has been some criticism by people of the poor battle simulation mode, and a lack of european strategic mode, for multiplayer. Personally i dont have a major problem with that. I occassionally lead my troops into battle but otherwise let it run on 'automatic'. The multiplayer aspect of the game plays well enough but after playing through some maps the novelty does wear off. It's still enjoyable but not the reason i purchased it. The game also runs remarkable well on low end systems but still looks lush. I can run it on my P3 600Mhz laptop, with all the graphical preferences off, and it plays fine. If you are in any doubt at all - download the demo. The difference between the demo and full game, testing my laptop, was negligible if anything. The sound is good, and the use of voices works well. I can't comment on the music because i hate playing any games like this to music... no matter if they are 'period' authentic. The battle sounds and marshall voices are good. To round off... this game is an excellent, really open ended game suitable for novice gamers who just want a quick game here and there or masters of RTS looking for the next challenge. Its also worth noting that the community appears to be small yet close-knit and eager to help new players. I havent enjoyed a game like this for some considerable time and i thoroughly recommend it!