This one is fun, but flawed.

User Rating: 8.5 | Knights of Honor PC
It did take several game sessions to figure out what is going on, and to play the game understanding the mechanics. After that I always played on hard, and always won, no matter which nation I would start with (not to brag, but true!). I enjoyed the game thoroughly though until after about 8 hrs of conquering half the known world, then it would become very tedious, because the funnest part imo, was building up your Knights exp levels, and giving them there skills until they max out, after that is when it became boring for me. Skills are limited, and about 1/3 are worthless.

Really fun game though, but pretty simple AI, and flawed skill system. I think it could have been soooo much more!

I think I'll still play it again...someday. Gotta dig it back out of storage, and hope it works on vista. I miss playing this game.