You really should have the 'Knack' to play this...

User Rating: 8 | Knack PS4

Questions I wanted answering about this game when it was first released consisted of many... Why the low review scores? Artificial visuals? Boring? The worst launch game of PS4?

I love the work of Mark Cerny. Jak and Daxter being my favorite, from watching various snippets of gameplay of this game I knew that I would simply fall in love with it and guess what? I did! The reviews almost put me off from waiting but I wanted to see what all the criticism was about and speculation was about.

The game was slated for 'poor moves design' and 'Artificial visuals' which in my opinion could not be more wrong. This game is stunning visually! It looks like a pixar movie world in game form, the particle effects of Knack when he is destroyed is so unique and iconic to his identity. Bursting with colour and life, from the snow caves to the city, it is gorgeous.

'poor moves design'. This was because Knack apparently did not have enough controls to make the game feel fun, which is completely in direct to what it is not. Dark Souls is a key example on how the simple, yet challenging game mechanics work and in a linear path with a variety of enemies - this is really fun! The difficulty is addictive and a challenge, which is why Dark Souls works so well, just like Knack. Cerny wanted to create a more 'retro-challenging' game and he and his team did that superbly well. I love the challenge.

Knack got a lot of low scores when really it is one of the strongest launch titles, more like the dark horse of the PS4 launch. It was a pleasure playing this game and I hope a sequel is released.

I give this game an 8.5 out of 10!