Better than the first one

User Rating: 8 | Knack 2 PS4

This game was the second game that was beaten by my daughter, the first Knack was the first game she beat.

This game is really well done. It has its challenges but never gets frustrating at all, even the big bosses are normal to beat even in normal difficulty, which is good. You want to have a great and fluent experience, specially when someone like my daughter that it is entering in video game and improving skills.

This game was more development than the first one. It last longer and are much more things in the game. The story is some years after the first one, so you see all the same characters older.

There are cinematic far more developed than the previous one. The experience is very good, even though, I bought this game for my daughter, I enjoyed playing it with her. It was fun.

Hope there is a part 3. She will love it to play.