Good game, not to be missed in the Klonoa Universe.

User Rating: 8.9 | Kaze no Klonoa: Yumemiru Teikoku GBA
In truth, this was the first game in the Klonoa series I played (i've played them all since). this was, in essence, the game that got me into Klonoa.
It starts off simple, Klonoa is awaken from his bed by guards and hauled off to meet the angry emporer. Although I found the story a little confusing at first, I began to understand it more. The story does make somewhat more sense if you've played any other Klonoa game though. While graphically not nearly as good as its predacessor (it's on the GBA, so of course the graphics won't be as good), the graphics still work well with the game as intended. The camera has some issues though, it seems to, at time, have trouble keeping up with the character and lags behind him a little too far at times. The idea for each level is simple, and the controls even easier, get the 3 stars and get to the door to exit. The controls require up to enter a door, left and right to move, and A and B, to jump and shoot wind bullets (with a configuration for both types, allowing the controls to work ore like a ps1/2 controller, rather than a GBA). The puzzles start off easy, but can become brutal later in, and with 8 levels per world (6 need to be done to pass the world), it can take a while to actually complete the game. One major complaint is the music. the sound effects are fine, the music is ok, but the music is the same for every level (except boarding levels) in every world, so it gets VERY old VERY quickly. All the boarding music and all the boss music (except for the final boss) is the same music. If you've ever played the ps1 or ps2 game, the music is different for everything, even the bosses, so having the same music (granted, the GBA is more limited) is quite annoying.
Something very good they did was auto saving, even within levels. Once any new area in encountered in the level (often going up/down a ladder or into a new room), the game will save. If you suddenly have to turn it off, you will start within whichever new room was just encountered (except on boarding or moving screen levels, those will have to be restarted entirely, but they are fairly quick levels to begin with). This means that you can stay stuck on one puzzle for a while and not need to restart the level and get back to that spot everytime (unless you completely lose all lives).
There are few reasons to not recommend this game to Klonoa fans, its still good Klonoa puzzles, even if less story involved, graphic and sound involvement is present, taking Klonoa on the go in this form is still a good idea. The game can always be played again, if even just to replay levels, or try a level you may have passed over last time.