this is a pretty good game for $6.00. Im even amazed at how this is on game boy.

User Rating: 10 | Kaze no Klonoa: Yumemiru Teikoku GBA

Yes I am amazed at both of those things. I think this game would be fun for any one who really likes puzzle games. There are a lot of puzzles in this game. I not that much into puzzles but this game is just wow. The puzzles are somewhat hard/easy. There is also little bonus fun type levels where you can go on your snow board or surf board and dodge stuff and get more of the little rupee things. The bosses werent too hard and they werent too easy ethier. I think they were right in the middle. But im telling you if you go to a game store that sells used games (because this game is so old you cant find it new anymore) then just buy it. Its worth it for at least a week of fun.