KKND 2: Krossfire Cheats For PC

  1. Level Skip, Money and Super powered Units

    To use this cheat you have to create an shortcut of the kknd2.exe on your desktop. Then enter on the properties of the shortcut (ALT+ENTER) and add " -badnews" to the end of the line like this:

    C:\Games\KKND Krossfire\kknd2.exe" -badnews

    Please notice that you should let an space before the -badnews or it will not work.

    Then save the changes and enter he game. Once inside the game you must press CTRL+TAB together at the exactly same time. If you manage to do it the words Cheats Enabled on your screen.

    The you just have to use these commands:

    CTRL+M : Extra Money.
    CTRL+C : Win The Level.
    CTRL+F : Lose The Level.
    CTRL+T : Turn of the Fog of War.

    To Get Super Powerd Units you must edit your army on the game main menu and save the chabges.
    Then quit the game and edit the same shortcut putting " -stats" followed by the name that you saved the archive.
    Here is an example:

    C:\Games\KKND Krossfire\kknd2.exe" -badnews -stats evolved

    that will make the changes take place on the single player mode

    Contributed by: SMOLDAR 

KKND 2: Krossfire Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Level Passwords - Series 9

    Enter the following codes at the password screen...

    Effect Effect
    L41Q14 01 - Driving Miss Daisy
    LI1Q1I 02 - Gopher Hunt
    LQ1Q1Q 03 - Divide and Conquer
    LZ1Q1Z 04 - Checkpoint Charlie
    M11A4Z 05 - Highway to Hell
    MB1QIZ 06 - Bridges of Mad Son County
    MP1QQZ 07 - Ring a Rose
    M91QZZ 08 - Grapes of Wrath
    MZ1HZZ 09 - The Glue Lagoon
    N41UZZ 10 - Mutants Off-Line
    NN1GZZ 11 - Walls of Jerry Co
    NF1LZZ 12 - Island in the Stream
    N94LZZ 13 - River Runs Through It
    O1ILZZ 14 - Ground to Air
    QJQLZZ 15 - Survivors Go Home

    Contributed by: Mike Truitt 

  2. Level Passwords - Survivor

    Enter the following codes at the password screen...

    Effect Effect
    DTSQSB 01 - The Great Escape
    DUSQSI 02 - Hide and Seek
    DBSQSS 03 - Let's Get Technical
    DJSQSZ 04 - Kamikaze Squad
    ESSQGZ 05 - Phoenix River
    ETSQUZ 06 - Independent Annihilation
    EOSQHZ 07 - Charlie Don't Surf
    ENSQJZ 08 - Convoy
    EJSHJZ 09 - This Ain't Avalon
    FGSUJZ 10 - Robots Must Die
    FISGJZ 11 - Heavy Weapons Operation
    F3SLJZ 12 - First to the Middle
    FNGLJZ 13 - Con Air / Special Delivery
    GSULJZ 14 - Strike Three
    G1HLJZ 15 - Death to the Freaks

    Contributed by: Mike Truitt 

  3. Level Passwords - Evolved

    Enter the following codes at the password screen...

    Effect Effect
    HHQQQ4 01 - The Guns of Navaho
    HUQQQI 02 - The Spiders Lair
    HDQQQS 03 - The Seven Samurai
    HLQQQZ 04 - The Rabbit Warren
    IQQQHZ 05 - The Birds
    IVQQUZ 06 - I'll Be Your Friend
    IAQQGZ 07 - Supply Run
    IGQHGZ 08 - Napalm Sunday
    ILQHLZ 09 - The Wall of Death
    JUQFLZ 10 - Dam It Janet
    JDQ6LZ 11 - Take the Tower
    JCH6LZ 12 - Aerial Supremacy
    JKU6LZ 13 - Operation Donut
    KVG6LZ 14 - End 2 Robots
    K8GLLZ 15 - End 2 Summetrics

    Contributed by: Mike Truitt 

  4. Cheat Mode

    Effect Effect
    While playing hold L1 + R1 + R2 + L2 and press Start. Select "Display Password" and press Left, Circle, Square, Right, X while the current password is displayed. Cheat Mode

    Contributed by: ro t3