Didn't expect this game to be this good.

User Rating: 9 | Kirby's Epic Yarn WII
Wow, what a small change in a game can make is amazing. In this installment of Kirby instead of sucking up enemy's and being able to copy their abilities you get turned into yarn and are not able to do this. Now I know you are probably thinking what, that's bull crap this game sucks, but no that's not the case. First off the soundtrack is amazing just outstanding some of the best music on the Wii, The game play is also very fun every level is different and they are kept fresh when you transform into different things (Dolphin, train, UFO, Etc.), some are really cool and some are just alright. My only gripe with this game is it's very short that's it, some people say it's too easy but the collecting of items can sometimes be difficult and since when is that a bad thing? anyway another thing that got me angry with this game is when you die,(well you can't technically die but if you get smooshed or fall) you lose a crap load of beads, you are supposed to collect them and once you get hurt you lose like half of them, is that enough? Jeez that is just ridiculous, couldn't it have been a quarter of them? Other then that though their aren't really much flaws. I wasn't that impressed with Yin Yarn either but other then that this game is outstanding every level is fun and has new idea's and i just really liked this game.

I know for some gamers they will look at this game and think it's a stupid kid's game but it's really not, my overall experience with this game was just great I would definitely play this game again I'll be honest the story was not very intricate(even though the ending was really good and there were some good parts in it) but what I think was so important for this game was the soundtrack, I know I said this before but it was just excellent besides a couple of other games this soundtrack may be the best on the Wii it's really what made it so special for me The game play showed that even though this was not normal Kirby it still proved to be a great game.

If you are a Kirby Fan get this game this is a must have, I have not played a Kirby game this great in a long time, if you are a Nintendo fan get this game, I think every gamer who likes Nintendo would like this game if they gave it a try, Overall This is definitely one of the best games on the Wii