Kirby's Epic Yarn is truly a Epic to marvel at!

User Rating: 9 | Kirby's Epic Yarn WII

Game:Kirby's Epic Yarn
Genre: Adventure
Developer: Nintendo/HAL/Good Feel
System: Nintendo Wii
Total Score: 86/100
Value Score: 8.6/10

• Story: 8/10

• Characters: 8/10

• GamePlay: 9/10

• Graphics: 10/10

• Sound: 10/10

• Music: 10/10

• Length: 4/10

• Replay Value: 8/10

• Player Value: 9/10


+Unique art style and design makes this game a rare gem

+Gameplay quite innovative

+Has the Kirby charm seen in past games but amplified numerous times

+Music consists of few new tracks and remixes of classics which is great

+Sound effects are nicely done and brings a new depth to the atmosphere

+A lot of customizable options let you decorate your "house" to however you want it to look like.


-Too Short

-Too easy

-Impossible to die even if you fall down into a pit

-Challenge is in keeping beads and not on survival makes this game too simple