Charming, easy, and fun all make this a very interesting Kirby game!

User Rating: 9.5 | Kirby's Epic Yarn WII
I'll be posting some of my old reviews I made back as notes on my FaceBook account, so don't expect as much detail or quality as my latest reviews.

After years and years passed with no Kirby games, E3 2010 kicked off and here we saw a very EPIC Kirby game!

An interesting little story, told as if a grandfather was telling a story to his grandchildren, not the very most original idea, but the story is easy enough anyone can understand it and have a laugh.

Now this is what I call graphics. This graphic engine uses a very unique art style, where the world is made of fabric, and the characters of yarn. This brings a whole bunch of new game play ideas to the table, and it sure makes good use of them.

Very fun and addicting gameplay, but some critics may have called it "too easy". I agree, this game is easy, but it's not so easy you won't be completely satisfied after beating the game. It still has the hardcore events in the game, while the main story is simply a just for casual gamers, but even then hardcore gamers can enjoy it.

A very good game indeed. It has a bunch of little side quests you can do with the NPC's around town, and extra levels that can be found in a part of Patch Land by finishing that world.

This game is truly epic. One of the best games I've played out of this generation. If you need a game that has extremely high replay value and with satisfy you everytime, this is the game for you!

Story : 6.1
Graphics : 10
Gameplay : 9.2
Lifetime : 7
Replay Value : 9.8
Overall : 9.6