Kirby's Epic Yarn Cheats For Wii

  1. Secret wallpaper

    There is a secret set of wallpaper that cannot be purchased at the fabric store. After completing all of the missions from a character in the apartment building, that character will offer to come over to Kirby's Pad after you complete a stage. Go back and visit Kirby's Pad and the character will be there, just as if they were visiting normally. However, after making their standard introduction, the character will present Kirby with a special wallpaper print. If you miss the character (for example, by going into a level before visiting Kirby's Pad), simply complete another few stages and the character will once again offer to visit Kirby's Pad.

    Complete all of Beadrix's missions and have Beadrix visit Kirby's house Beadrix Print
    Complete all of Buster's missions and have Buster visit Kirby's house Buster Print
    Complete all of Carrie's missions and have Carrie visit Kirby's house Carrie Print
    Complete all of Mara's missions and have Mara visit Kirby's house Mara Print
    Complete all of Zeke's missions and have Zeke visit Kirby's house Zeke Print

    Contributed by: darkknight109 

  2. Bonus Music

    While you'll be able to unlock most of the soundtrack by finding the right pickups in the various levels, there are a few songs that you can't get without beating the game first. After you've defeated Yin-Yarn, you'll unlock the Dream Land, Yin-Yarn, and Staff Credit Theme music.

    Beat the game. Dream Land Music
    Beat the game. Staff Credits Music
    Beat the game. Yin-Yarn's Music

    Contributed by: discoinferno84 

  3. Secret Furniture

    Several pieces of furniture are not available in the store by default and, instead, are unlocked by defeating specific bosses

    Defeat Yin Yarn Hanging Bells
    Defeat King Dedede King Dedede Doll
    Defeat Meta Knight Meta Knight Doll
    Defeat Yin Yarn Star Bed

    Contributed by: darkknight109 

  4. Staff Credits

    The last cutscene you unlock also includes the game's staff credits. You'll need to beat the game first, and you can rewatch them any time in the Flicks menu.

    Beat the game. Staff Credits

    Contributed by: discoinferno84