This is a great game for dedicated Kirby fans. Kirby has made this game intersting among some gamers.

User Rating: 10 | Kirby Bowl SNES
I would say that this game has earned its fair grade. I used to play this when I was 12. Kirby's Dream course is kind of like golf and is much like a sporting game but it is worth it. The graphics in the game for example, the course backgrounds are magnificent. Every different course has a different background. And as for the music, it is not all that bad. I had too much trouble
getting past the sand bunkers and reaching really high ledges and most of all, hitting enemies more than twice. I like all of the abilities for kirby, it gives him the advantage throughout the entire game. Sometimes getting a hole in one for each course isn't easy. It takes patience and skill. I think HAL Laboratory did an awesome job, this is the kind of game that will make you play for hours. I agree with everybody else, this game has a good challenge to it.