awesome game of the year worth playing on the snes system

User Rating: 10 | Kirby Bowl SNES
this game i was never in to sport video games but when i saw kirby dream course i just had to have it anyway the gameplay is very nice i like hom they made the remix of the music on this game & the rules on this game r awesome i way u play this is just playing golf only your kirby & he's the ball u have to get him in the hole u can help in get in the hole but it won't be easy i like all kirby game he has powers but he can't keep it most of them r helpful most of them r not without learning how to control it there r over 8 courses in this & over 8 level to go throught also the boss in this game next is 2 player mode but i play myself & is abit of fun if u have a friend u know how to play it its only a match game there no co-op mode on this game i remember that i keep playing this so much until i finish all data files also i was really good at getting gold metal's but there not easy to get ether i don't know what would happan if i get them all but i'll finish up some day other then that this is a good sport game like this sport game nintendo know how to do it awesome job nintendo & keep up the good work