Great Fun~ Good Memories~ Still as hard or easy as always~ And just as much fun!

User Rating: 9.2 | Kirby Bowl SNES
This game is fun as always, lining up to guess if your shot will hit that extra guy, if you should use your powerup at the top of the hill or halfway down.

It's just the same fun game as ever.

If you played this game and liked it on the SNES, it's a definitely good idea to download this to your Wii.

If you have never played it, or even don't like kirby games, it would be safe to get this on your Wii.

Both single-player and multi-player are tons of fun!

If there is anything that isn't making this game top-notch is that multi-player only supports 2 players.

But that doesn't keep the game's multi-player from keeping it's players and spectators from enjoying the scene.