Kirby's Dream Collection: Special Edition Cheats For Wii

  1. Challenge Stages Trophies

    You can unlock trophies when your high scores for all levels combined exceed a certain amount, or from earning platinum medals. The file icon on the file select screen will also change with each new trophy unlocked.

    Score reaches 55,000 Bronze Trophy
    Score reaches 250,000 Gold Trophy
    Earn at least one platinum medal on every stage King's Trophy
    Score reaches 370,000 Platinum Trophy
    Score reaches 150,000 Silver Trophy

    Contributed by: MasterPeteDiddy 

  2. Challenge Stage Unlockables

    Clearing a Magolor Race with a platinum medal for every ability will make a crown appear above its door on the stage select. Clearing Magolor Race 3 for the first time will unlock two extra challenge stages, and a "View Ending" option on the file select screen. Clearing any stage also unlocks the ability to replay it against a ghost.

    Clear the race with a platinum medal for every ability Crown above Magolor Race door
    Clear any stage to unlock the ghost race for that stage. Ghost Race
    Clear Magolor Race 3 Magolor Race EX
    Clear Magolor Race 3 Smash Combat Chamber EX
    Clear Magolor Race 3 View Ending

    Contributed by: MasterPeteDiddy