This is one of the best 3D Classics the Nintendo 3DS has to offer.

User Rating: 8 | 3D Classics: Kirby's Adventure 3DS
The Nintendo 3DS has given some games a coat of 3D for a chance to shine again. One of those games was Kirby's Adventure, for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The puffball's first trademark appearance in pink originally came from this game. It's a long adventure for Kirby, and without Copy Abilities, his adventure would be very hard. His Copy Abilities range from Fire to Ice to Laser. The game is one of the best games to get from the 3D Classics.

The story begins with Kirby sleeping like always. Oddly, he doesn't dream, which is weird for Dream Land. He goes to the Fountain of Dreams, where he finds King Dedede relaxing. He finds out Dedede broke the Star Rod into seven pieces! Can Kirby recover the Star Rod pieces before it's to late?

The controls were confusing at first, but with the control changer, that went away. Just like a typical Kirby game, one button to float, one button to inhale, and the Circle Pad (or D-Pad) to move. Simple as that.

Kirby must progress through levels like Butter Building or Yogurt Yard. Most of these levels are linear. Once Kirby beats a level, he is whisked to the hub. There, he can find the levels, the boss,or sub-games. Once he collects each piece of the Star Rod, he has finally saved Dream Land! Or has he...?

Overall, this game is a recommended game for anybody. It's long and good. Not much needs to be said.