User Rating: 8.5 | Hoshi no Kirby: Yume no Izumi no Monogatari NES
Continuing with Brawl classics, I'd like to draw attention to the little pink round wonder that bounced into the show on the Nintendo Entertainment System in Kirby's Adventure.

Throughout the years Kirby has undergone little if any noticeable change, in fact the transition between the Super Smash fighting games really just smoothed out the little round one. Still, Kirby has always been a recognizable mascot of Nintendo and has really earned the position.

Starting off Dream Land is in trouble, the inhabitants there discover that they can no longer dream, a terrible thing for a place called as such, right? So Kirby decides to make his merry way to the Dream Spring, where dreams and hope come from, finding out that King Dedede had destroyed the Star Rod and scattered its parts by giving them to his friends, or in other words for us gamers, each stage's boss.

Kirby is able to jump, slide into enemies, fly and puff out air in order to attack, sucking up certain enemies and swallowing them will allow you to gain their ability as long as you don't get hit, which will happen often if you just rush into things. These abilities are especially useful against obstacles and specific levels where it's just so much easier to get through it with certain abilities. You can use these gained powers against bosses, making them a snap to take down; don't fret if you lose your power, each boss has a predictable attack pattern that always includes a inhalable object to shoot back in their face.

Kirby's Adventure is simple and sweet, straight forward and doesn't really beat around the bush in any manner, what's great is for this NES game to be able to save, while so many are unable to keep tabs of your progress, making it nice to be able to break away and return to the game at any time without having to input a lengthy password for that matter.

There's an array of minigames to play that offer up extra lives and a way to break from the mainstream and have a little carefree fun, not that the whole game isn't just this.

Kicking it to the masses,

Being able to try out a good menu of abilities keeps the game play fresh and easy to cope with through the stages offered up in this game. The idea of a little pink blob sucking up villains to copy their talents was really a new and fun idea, which is why Kirby is still expandable, there are so many new attacks that can be given to him in newer versions of the game as well as returning favorites with a new spice to them.

Graphics: Colorful and fun to look at, Kirby's Adventure does a good job of keeping upbeat and flavorful, each level is well done and there's really not much to complain about, for what it is, it's pretty impressive.

Sound: Catchy tunes, even in dramatic instances such as the final boss the game never derails from the overall lighthearted sense of the game.

Playability: The controls are smooth and responsive as can be.

Entertainment: Sometimes the game feels a bit repetitious, though the mini games help break away from this as well as the variety of moves you're open to, UFO Kirby is especially worth playing for, being arguably so the BAMF of this game. It feels really like mindless fun and is easy enough for anybody to pick up and go with. It would have been nicer if upon starting the game that the story would have been scrolled before the actual game play rather than waiting for it during the start screen.

Replay: There's completion to be had! Get 100 percent on your game and you are able to unlock the Extra Game, beat that with 100 percent and you get sound mode, where you can listen to all the songs and various sound effects. This game can be completed within a short afternoon, so it shouldn't be too difficult to cut back to the adventure and get all the secrets.

All in all: This game really paves the way for Kirby as a continuing series, every new edition that comes out plays well to capture its audience but always remains faithful to the basic formula, whether there's new faces or old, Kirby will probably always remain the cute little glutton we all know and love.