A old school Kirby game which a true Kirby fan must never miss the chance to play~!

User Rating: 9 | Hoshi no Kirby: Yume no Izumi no Monogatari NES
Game: Kirby's Adventure
Genre: Adventure
Developer: Nintendo
System: Nintendo
Total Score: 89/100
Value Score: 8.9/10

• Story: 9/10
o Kirby's Adventure's storyline takes place sometime after Kirby's Dreamland. The game continues after the events of Kirby's adventure, as for some unknown reason, the dreams of dreamland began disappearing, the star rod of dreams was shattered into pieces by King Dedede and sent to each of his minions. Kirby goes throughout dreamland to retrieve the star rods, however, it seems like there was a reason why King Dedede had the star rod divided into pieces. A dark and sinister force is behind in the works of the disappearing dreams. Storyline is pretty average, however its above the other Kirby storyline games, with an actual villain with a clearly evil motive, however they don't go too much into the past of the enemy as much as they did with other villains of the Kirby series.

• Characters: 8/10
o Pretty much all the characters from the Kirby's Dreamland series appears in this game in one form or another. A lot of the memorable characters that have appeared in other Kirby games and have become well known had some of their greatest original moments starting in this game such as Meta Knight. Other than the addition of the new villain, Nintendo does not offer any other new characters in game play nor in storyline wise.

• GamePlay: 8/10
o Gameplay pretty much is the same as the usual 2D platform Kirby game, however this game seems a bit more difficult due to the fact that one hit can make you lose your ability. Speaking of abilities, Kirby has a array of special abilities he can use, for example the famous Sword ability and some new abilities such as the Ball ability. The player is thus forced to go throughout the entire dreamland to recover the star rod. There's a total of 7 actual play through worlds with 8 bosses. The game has a linear path, there are no world maps, but world stages where Kirby can go through a door to get into a level. The player is than prompted to lead Kirby through the stage just like the usual platform Kirby games to the end of the stage.

• Graphics: 10/10
o For a nes game, Kirby's Adventure brings out the best out of the NES system. One of the best looking games for its time on a system with little less than spectacular graphics. Ironically, the game has a better visual than any of the Kirby games on the GBC. Each cell and sprite is heavily detailed to each point, in terms of graphics, this is probably one of the best games on the NES and in early SNES/SGEN era to be released.

• Sound: 9/10
o Kirby's Adventure sound effects sound just like the SNES Kirby games, although there is a bit down sampling of some of the sounds, although not as noticeable. The only noticeable sound effects would be the hitting sound effects which sound kind of off. Other than that, sounds exactly like the SNES Kirby games, all the way from when the animation when Kirby gets hit towards the way when a player loses a life.

• Music: 10/10
o The OST for Kirby's Adventure is both nostalgic and memorable, the game contains melodies heard in many of the Kirby series along with a few new themes. The battle themes are nicely done, however the game lacks King Dedede's famous battle theme, regardless, it makes up for the last boss battle themes which are literally out of this world. Even for a NES game, this game contains some of the best tracks heard from the 16 bit era.

• Length: 10/10
o Kirby's Adventure is probably one of the longest if not the longest Kirby game in the series. There's a total of 7 actual playing worlds with about 2-3 mini games in each world. Along with the worlds, there are about 9 Boss fights along with a few mini boss fights ranging from 3-5 per world. Each world consist of 5-7 levels (the first world has only 5, the rest has 7). Even when finishing the game, the game prompts you to play a higher difficulty of the entire game with half health.

• Replay Value: 6/10
o Kirby's Adventure lacks the replay value that Kirby Super Star offered, but still has that replay value that all the other Kirby games have, which lets the player go back to each original world and play all the levels again along with the boss fights. It doesn't end there either, when finishing the game, a New Game can be played with a higher difficulty. Other than that, the mini games that were rampant throughout the game however are impossible to play again unless you play the game all over again. To sum it up, Kirby's Adventure is pretty average in terms of Adventure games which isn't surprising.

• Player Value: 9/10
o Overall, as a NES game, Kirby's Adventure delivers the full potential of the NES system, as a Kirby game overall, its pretty good, as it contains more content than both Kirby's Dreamlands of One and Two. The storyline is quite original and interesting compared to the other Kirby games, you can say it has the same dynamics as Kirby Super Star, the character list is a great list containing many familiar enemies throughout of the series, the gameplay is solid and plays like the rest of the platform Kirby games, graphic wise brings out the best of the NES. The Sound effects are close to perfect considering its on the NES, the OST is probably the best thing of the game, length wise it gives out a lot to the players to enjoy, and in terms of replay value not so much , but it's a adventure game, cant expect much from it. Overall, this is one game a Kirby Fan must never miss, if you're a retro player such as me, this game is a must have.